Getting started with Process Intelligence

This article explains how to get started with analyzing processes with Signavio Process Intelligence in four steps.

  1. Defining your business challenge

    Before you start using Process Intelligence, clearly define the business challenge you are trying to solve. At Application scenarios, you will find examples for questions Process Intelligence can help answer.

  2. Preparing your data

    To deliver actionable insights, Process Intelligence needs your process data. Once you know what problem you want to solve, you need to transform your event and case data to the expected format and upload it to Process Intelligence. Read more at Data preparation.

  3. Analyzing your process

    After you have uploaded the data, you can use Process Intelligence’s intuitive investigation view to analyze your data. Read more at analyzing your process.

  1. Sharing your insights

    After you have built an investigation, share the URL to the page with your colleagues to raise awareness and gather feedback. If you reference a process diagram in a Process Intelligence investigation, this investigation will then be listed in the diagram’s overview page in Collaboration Hub:


    Opening an investigation from Collaboration Hub

    You can also embed investigations via an iframe into 3rd party systems such as Atlassian Confluence.

If you encounter problems with Process Intelligence, take a look at the troubleshooting section.